“Communication problems after stroke” This is one of many fabulous guides produced by the Stroke Association. I did not read it at first as my speech had returned to those that did not know me. However I found it hard to explain why I was getting so tired with conversations until I read page four of this guide and seeing this picture explaining the process our brain goes through before answering or in fact doing anything is something that we take for granted. I realise now my recovery went through everyone of these stages individually before I started to respond spontaneously as I had before. I do still pause, say the wrong word (nothing new there I hear my friends say ?) and get tired as clearly my brain is re programming certain areas. If you have or someone you know has had a Stroke then please do read the online guides which I found invaluable. I thankfully do not have the issues others face which this guide details but if you take just one thing from all of them, that can help you and others to understand.